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  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Essay
  • Short Story
  • Memoir
  • Multi-Genre/Genre-Bender

Is your creativity on hiatus? Do you love the power and beauty of language but lack time or inspiration? Previous participants will tell you this workshop provides both a destination and a plan to make surprise possible. Whether you seek to restore personal or professional creativity, serious work requires serious play. This course invites you to recharge.

Before we meet, I’ll ask for a letter telling me what you think creates gridlock in your writing life. During our high energy, focused, yet flexible workshop, plan to generate all new work. We’ll plunge into exercises (including new ones!) and strategies to spark creativity and to bypass mental roadblocks. We’ll write quickly to stay ahead of the inner critic, and boldly to outsmart the censor. This workshop invites you to take the kind of intellectual and creative risks that lead to breakthrough thinking, your best work, much laughter and sometimes an unexpected tear. In good workshop fashion, we’ll share our work as time allows, and send you home with a storehouse of ideas and drafts.

Linda M. Bendorf


Linda M. Bendorf (M.A.T., J.D., The University of Iowa) is an award-winning instructor and writing coach who inspires novices and seasoned pros alike. Her essays, features, and poetry have appeared in the Chicago Tribune Media Group’s Triblocal, the University of Iowa’s The Daily Palette, USA Today, Gannett News Service Wire, The Des Moines Register, Instructor, The Iowan, and Gather Magazine. Linda is also director of Blue Sage Writing (, offering one-on-one coaching and private writing retreats in Boulder, Colorado. She and her husband, Carl, recently moved to Colorado’s Front Range, where they enjoy hiking, biking, birding, cooking, and collaborating on a unique birding and nature writing workshop, Birds & Words (