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If you are writing, want to write, or have drafted a novel, you are thinking of All Those Pages. But the secret to a novel that flies is a novel you can talk about, a novel that can be compressed to the gem it is. Learn how to capture the essence of a story in a few clear declarative sentences. That’s your way into the writing, and it’s definitely your way into telling someone they really should read it. Then write a summary that is your play-book, the novel’s spine. Come with what you know in a page, and leave with what you need—to write, to revise, and to sell a novel. This is high-energy, exciting work, and it’s an opportunity to get valuable feedback on the very idea of your novel.

Sandra Scofield


Sandra Scofield is the author of seven novels, including Beyond Deserving, a National Book Award finalist. She has written a memoir, a craft book for writers—The Scene Book—and a book of essays about family, Mysteries of Love and Grief, Reflections on a Plainswoman’s Life. Her book Swim: Stories of the Sixties is forthcoming in May, and her craft book The Last Draft: Revision Strategies for the Novelist is forthcoming in September. She has extensively reviewed novels for major newspapers and has edited and coached many novelists. She is on the faculty of Pine Manor College Solstice low-residency M.F.A. Program and has been a member of the Iowa Summer Writing Festival faculty for many years. She is also an avid landscape painter. She lives in Missoula, Montana and Portland, Oregon.