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  • Poetry

In this intensive workshop, we’ll break down the elements of poetry in nitty-gritty style, unpacking various aspects of poetic craft. Subjects in this workshop will be tailored to participants, but may include: strategies for creating and deploying imagery, choices in creating line breaks, methods of creating tone, use of perspective/point of view, and using narrative or lyric techniques. Each session will be divided to include a short discussion of theory, investigation into play (through writing exercises) and discovery (through group workshop.) We will be generating a lot of new material, but will also be critiquing work each session. This course is designed for students who already have some kind of writing practice in place, are comfortable receiving critical feedback on their work, and are ready to deepen their relationship to craft.

Juliet Patterson


Juliet Patterson is the author of Threnody and The Truant Lover (Nightboat Books). Her poems and essays have appeared widely in numerous magazines. Her recent awards include the Arts & Letters Susan Atefat Prize in Nonfiction, the Lynda Hull Memorial Poetry Prize, and a Jerome Foundation fellowship. Two long sequences—one poetry and one prose—are available as chapbooks, Epilogue (Spout Press) and Dirge (Albion Books). Her most recent writing project, a memoir in progress entitled Sinkhole, has been supported through a Minnesota State Arts Board grant and a Minnesota Emerging Writers grant. She lives in Minneapolis on the west bank of the Mississippi near the Great River Road.